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Kiddies Carnival - Sun Aug 19,2018

King & Queen Show - Thurs Aug 23, 2018

FACE MASK Cruise - Fri Aug 24, 2018

Jouvert - Sat Aug 25, 2018

Carnival Parade - Sat Aug 25, 2018


Cumm Cross Production (Barbados)

D Midas Int. Boston (Trinidad)

Dynasty Production (Trinidad)

D’ Horizons (Trinidad)

Funaddix Boston (tbd)

Imas International (Barbados)

Mudd Band (Trinidad)

Mas Players (Trinidad)

Mirage Mas (Barbados)

One Love (Jamaica)

Soca & Associates (Trinidad)

SocaHolics (Barbados)

Trinidad & Tobago Social Club (Trinidad)

Registrations & Vendors Permits

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NEW Season 44 Boston Carnival 2017

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Steel Pan History Corner


Resource: PanTrinbago | Steel Pan City with Vanessa WACK 90.1FM

Take A Listen: Massy Trinidad All Stars - Full Extreme

NEW All Stars won Panorama in 2017 leading second place winner Desperadoes by 3 point. The band was known as “Hell Yard”, which was eventually called “Cross of Lorraine” and eventually renamed  “Trinidad All Stars”. The band was founded in 1946 by Prince Baton and Neville Jules. Band’s Stats - In 1959 All Stars introduced the Bomb tune for Jouvert Minuet in G - Classical music meet the steel band…

Source: Steel Pan History and Evolution // page 283

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Boston's Trinidad style Carnival: Founded in 1973 by Ken Bonaparte Mitchell 1942-2008

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Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston Inc. CACAB

The Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston Inc. (CACAB) - founded in 1973 by Ken Bonaparte Mitchell is directly responsible for the organization and execution for the Kiddies Carnival, King & Queen Show, Jouvert Parade and the Trinidad style parade. In addition, if you wish to sponsor an event such as the Kiddies carnival or wish to get a license to sell merchandise at the event or register your band to participate in the Jouvert or carnival parade. Please contact CACAB as outlined below.

Call the organization for date, time and location for public meeting and registration schedules.

Info Line: 617-863-0476

President: Shirley Shillingford

Executive Secretary: Kenya Beaman for vendors information


Vice President: Carl Smith -617.642.5185

Address 1: 10 Malcolm X Blvd, Boston MA 02119

Address 2:  P.O. Box 390468 Cambridge, MA, 02139

Registration Registration Forms

Website: www.cacab.org

Facebook: Caribbean American Carnival Boston

Email: info@cacab.org


Ecumenical Service - Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kiddies Carnival - Sunday, August 20, 2017

King & Queen Competition - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Breakfast at Boston City Hall - Friday, August 25, 2017

Jouvert & Carnival Day - Saturday, August, 26, 2017

SOURCE:Boston Carnival Village Updated 12/3/2016

CACAB members at events they sponsored over the years, Kiddies carnival, King & Queen Show, Jouvert, Breakfast, etc.

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